Review: Gateway1 Sportsman – Wellington Boots

I was recently made aware of a company called Gateway1 who design, develop and test their own footwear in Scandinavia. I’ve always been a sucker for “Scandi-Gear” and jumped at the chance to take a look at their Sportsman 18″ wellington boots.... read more

Review: Pinewood Hurricane – Knitted Sweater

I have been fortunate enough to be able to review a number of different garments made by Pinewood Clothing over the last couple of years, and every one of them has been a winner when put to the test. This review takes a look at one of their Hurricane Knitted Sweaters... read more

How to Fish a Chatterbait

How to Fish a Chatterbait When it comes to bass fishing world, one name gains a lot of popularity among other kinds of lures “The Chatterbait”. Created and named by father and son Ron Davis Sr and Jr, this lure has remarkable reputation in catching fish. So remarkable... read more

Review: Pinewood Extreme – Waterproof Baseball Cap

As a keen lure fisherman through Spring to Autumn here in Cornwall, I like to do a lot of sunrise or sunset sessions for the best chances of specimen Bass. I often like to wear a rimmed hat to cut out light from above (low set sun), most often being my trusty camo... read more

Review: Baffin Trapper – Insulated Wellington Boots

Developed & Tested in the Harshest Possible Conditions Winter sea fishing trips call for having a reliable pair of waterproof boots. I am talking about many hours of sitting still in very cold conditions with potentially a lot of time with your feet in very cold... read more

Review: Zippo Hand Warmer

I recently got my hands on one of Zippo’s hand warmer units to try it out whilst out and about exploring. I have never really been a glove wearer, being a fisherman with all the knot tying, baiting up and unhooking fish it just seems like they would spend more... read more

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