Welcome to the Stu-N-Dumplings outdoor lifestyle blog, my name is Stuart and I live near Newquay in Cornwall. When my working day is over I love to escape into the vast wilderness with only mother nature for company.

Fishing, hiking, mountaineering, hunting exploring, running, kayaking, coasteering, diving, camping, bushcraft, foraging, I love it all and I’m always looking out for my next adventure.

5 Questions

What is your favorite place to explore?
I love exploring the Cornwall coastline, off the beaten track of course! There are so many amazing little secret coves and caves that are inaccessible to the sensible folk.

What is the longest you have ever stayed out in the wild?
My longest (and hardest) trip was 3 weeks in the Highlands of Scotland. It was often too wet for a fire, and finding food was hard work. The views of the mountains and lochs made it all worthwhile, (even the foot rot)

What’s the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?
I once ate my fishing bait, out of hunger of course! It was a piece of raw Mackerel and I attempted to cook it on a Zippo lighter, the lighter fluid complemented the raw fishy taste beautifully.

Closest Encounter with death?
I was exploring the North Yorkshire Moors in a thunder storm, suddenly a fork of lightning hit a small tree that was less than 20 feet away from me. I could literally smell the electricity and then a sudden feeling of extreme panic as I scrambled for cover.

What is the biggest fish you ever caught?
It was a 15lb Pike that I caught on Loch Lomond, it fought for about 25 minutes. (I didn’t eat it either)



Blog Features

This blog is my digital scrap book of outdoor inspired articles, interviews, giveaways, gear reviews, tips & tricks, thoughts, mood boards and videos.

GEAR REVIEWS: If you would like me to review your product I am happy to do so. The items need to be good quality products that reflect the style of my blog and will need to be sent to me. I am happy to discuss the theme of the feature, and can also include references to your company website, product images and sometimes video (where the product warrants it). The comments and opinions I post will be genuine and my own. – Please contact me to discuss further.

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