I have been fortunate enough to be able to review a number of different garments made by Pinewood Clothing over the last couple of years, and every one of them has been a winner when put to the test. This review takes a look at one of their Hurricane Knitted Sweaters which I selected to use as a mid-layer to wear when winter hiking, fishing and camping. The specifications of this jumper looked awesome on paper, and although I’m something of a purist when it comes to jumpers and always on the look out for “wool wool wool”, I was more than happy to try out Pinewoods 50/50 Wool/Acrylic blend – especially if the performance is as good as that of their other gear.

First appearances of the jumper was the high quality of the overall finish, the knit tight without any gaps or dropped stitches, and the ribbed collar, bottom and cuffs are nice and thick. The Hurricane comes in three colours – Dark Green Mix, Brown Mix and Dark Grey Mix. I chose the Brown mix which appears as a dark, earthy Green/Brown – and an excellent camouflage colour for British woodland.

The Hurricane sweater comes in a good range of sizes, starting from small to 3XXL. The Large sized sweater is a great fit on me, it is well shaped and due to the wool blend knit will likely keep its shape really well over time. There is room for base layers underneath and the elasticated properties allow a bit more give if needed, and make it easier to put on and take off.

On first appearances the Pinewood Hurricane looked and felt exceptionally good, right up there with my thickest fleeces – but time will when I take it up the North coast and try it out in some of our ugly winter storms….

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The Pinewood Hurricane sweater has a high collar that zips up the front, the height is perfect and covers the whole back of the neck keeping out wind and rain. The zip is high quality as expected from Pinewood and has an “easy to grab” zip pull for ease of use.

The cuffs are elasticated and of a decent size with a nice rib-knit finish, they hug the wrists perfectly and keep the warmth in. The Hurricane sweater also has an elasticated bottom (again with the same finish as the wrists), that fits around the hips comfortably and also prevents heat loss. As with all of the Pinewood clothing that I have used, they have definitely paid attention to detail and design to ensure best possible functionality.

The Pinewood jumper also has reinforcements on the shoulders and on the elbows. These areas are made from 100% Polyester and are much more hard wearing than the knitted fabric. This prevents wear and tear, and protects the sweater from snags as I often carry loads of timber on my shoulder when shelter or fire building.

The lining membrane is black in colour and gives the jumper a water / wind repellent properties, the membrane is laminated with an elasticated lining that makes the sweater flexible and comfortable to wear. The membrane also means that the jumper can be worn over a t-shirt or vest without any itchy woolen weave touching bare skin. The lining has a slightly audible “rustly” feel to it, like that of waterproof jacket, but only very slightly and nothing that can be heard when wearing it.

I have worn the jumper out on a few forest hikes and night fishing trips too. In an average temperature of 5-8 degrees Celsius, and even in very windy conditions, I was comfortable and warm wearing just the Hurricane Knitted Sweater over a cotton t-shirt. The sweater blocked the wind completely and the breathable membrane allowed temperature regulation preventing me from getting too warm if I was hiking up a big hill or chopping timber. The jumper isn’t chunky but it is definitely substantial and easily capable of keeping me warm in sub-zero temperatures with the right layers underneath.

The Pinewood Hurricane sweater is also water repellent, with the protection provided by the integral membrane. The fabric is rated to “Water column: >10.000 mm”. A 10,000mm waterproof rating relates to the hydrostatic head test that the material has been put through. To be classified as waterproof the material must have a hydrostatic head rating of at least 1,500mm. A garment rated as 10,000mm waterproof will provide a high level of waterproofing, keeping you dry in moderate to heavy rain. To put this into perspective, Pinewoods Lappland Extreme waterproof jacket has the same water column rating, the difference though being that the Hurricane sweater doesn’t have taped seams, and so it is not completely waterproof – its pretty damn good though!

Whilst out on some coastal night fishing trips I wore the sweater out in rain and hail showers. With a temperature of around 4 degrees Celcius and frequent showers blown in on a force 3 North Westerly, this was a typical winter evening in Cornwall and a good test for the Hurricane sweater. The sweater stopped the rain from reaching skin (as I expected it would), with droplets beading on the knitted outer layer, any moisture that soaks through the weave is stopped by the membrane. Even after 45 minutes of rain when the outer layer of the jumper was quite wet, it still held on strong and kept the cold out and the warmth in, testament to Pinewoods exceptionally good design and choice of technical fabrics.

Being able to rely on a sweater to keep out strong wind and also moisture from average to heavy rain showers is pretty excellent!! It is quick to dry too between showers, but if I was out on a long trip, I would always take an extra waterproof jacket with a hood, like the Pinewood Lappland Extreme to wear over the top in very heavy or prolonged weather conditions.


I am really impressed and see the very aptly named “Hurricane” as a very comfortable and well designed wind/rain barrier, and something I will wear on pretty much any of my Autumn / Winter excursions. The jumper retails at £110 and a fantastic price for such great quality, I’ve seen regular sweaters at this price that don’t have any of the features seen on the Hurricane. Once again Pinewood have impressed me – a brilliant garment!

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  • Material: 50% wool, 50% acrylic
  • Reinforcements + Lining: 100% polyester
  • Sizes: Small to 3XXL
  • Feature: Wind and water repellent
  • Water Column: >10.000 mm
  • Respiration: 14.000 g/m2/24h (ASTM: 6.000 g/m2/24h)
  • Colours: Dark Green Mix, Brown Mix, Dark Grey Mix (423)
  • RRP: £110.00 GBP

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A big thanks to the guys at Koolbox.co.uk for the opportunity to try out the Pinewood Hurricane Knitted Sweater