Following my recent review of the Pinewood Lappland Trousers, I have also now been able to get my hands on one of Pinewood’s Lappland “Extreme” Jackets (courtesy once again of, – many many thanks guys). Apart from the obvious fact that the jacket matched my trousers, the “Extreme” naming of this jacket suggested to me that there were features to this jacket that might help me battle harder still through the worst of our lovely British weather.

Being a bushcrafter and a fisherman, every trip outdoors goes beyond that of a casual walk, I will often try to seek out somewhere new, in the hope of finding that secret spot that no human has trodden, or to discover a new and unknown fishing mark in the back of beyond. Being equipped for the conditions is a must, a trip takes careful planning (permission from her indoors), and I wouldn’t want it cut short by some unforeseen Cornish Mizzle (or something worse blowing in off the ocean) so the Pinewood Lappland Extreme Jacket was a very welcome addition to my kit.

Out of the box

The Lappland Extreme jacket is made of multiple layers with the outer shell being their brilliant TC-1200 Teflon impregnated fabric. This is the same material as the Lappland trousers I have been using for the past 3 months. I have shown them no mercy and they still look brand new. The Teflon coating is water/wind resistant and has been used over the top of a waterproof membrane on the Lappland Extreme jacket to give a really hard wearing and durable weather proof jacket. Pinewood have put this jacket really well with immaculate stitching and with taped seams too.

The length of the jacket is really nice and reaches down to the top 3rd of my thighs – well overlapping my trousers and great for water run-off without interfering wth my stride when fastened up. There are some cord pulls on each side with good quality push-button stoppers, to cinch the jacket up around your waist if needed.

Pinewood have included a good range of useful pockets on the Lappland Extreme Jacket, there are 4 x external pockets and 2 x internal pockets. All pockets have good quality YKK zips and the external pockets are protected by some good sized storm flaps which velcro down over the zips.

The lower external pockets are a good size, and can easily fit my big shovel hands inside (even with gloves on). The external breast pockets are very large (12″x9″ minus a corner which features a diagonal zip) These pockets are really useful for carrying quite a lot of gear. I have been using them for storing things like my folding saw when out in the woods, and can easily hold a box of fishing lures and a drinks bottle, among other bits and pieces when I’m out hunting Bass. I can even fit a folded 3x3m tarp inside one of these pockets making it really easy to grab if I need it.

There are two smaller inside pockets which are useful for storing a phone, wallet and keys. The inside pockets measure approximately 5″x6″. I was pleased to be able to access these pockets properly, Pinewood have allowed a good sized entrance to the inside pockets (compared to many other jackets where the inside pocket is really hard to get your hand into) – this makes a big difference when your pockets are full of stuff and your hands are stinging cold from the weather.

I really like the shape and size of the hood – it is substantial size for overall protection, but doesnt flap down in front of my face, even when wet. The hood has a stiffened peak which protrudes outwards (approx 2″ deep) from the face. Falling rain drips nicely off of the peak and doesnt run down my face.

There are adjustment cords on each side of the hood and on the back too, these allow you to pull the hood closer into your head. If walking head-on into wind and rain the hood stays in place and can be cinched right down for better protection.

The hood is completely removable, it doesn’t stow inside the collar, but attaches to the collar with x5 button studs. These hold the hood very securely and make removing the hood really quick and easy.

The Dark Green/Black (102) colour is perfect for bushcraft (and it matches the Pinewood trousers that I have) Although not a camo pattern, the colour blends in very well with woodland surroundings – This could make a good hunting jacket. Being extremely quiet, no rustling from the jacket, I have successfully stalked within 20 yards of some wood pigeons (which would have been my dinner if I had my catapult to hand).

The reinforced fabric on the shoulders is a great idea. I carry a lot of timber around on my shoulder (fire wood, or shelter material) and the reinforced fabric protects the jacket from getting snagged up on gnarly bits of wood. The fabric is also a bit thicker and offers a bit of padding when carrying a load.

Overall the Pinewood Lappland Extreme was ticking all the boxes for weather protection, durability and functionality. To try it out it out Bushcrafting and fishing on a number of trips – purposely in terrible weather conditions….

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The Technology

2 Layered Membrane – The Pinewood Lappland Extreme jacket has a wind and waterproof functional membrane that breathes. The membrane layer is laminated with the lining. Pinewood feature this membrane in their hunter’s clothing as it provides a very quiet outer fabric.

Taped seams – The seams of this jacket are sealed with waterproof tape. This prevents water penetrating through the seams of the garment.

TC-1200 FABRIC – TC-1200 is Pinewood’s own hard wearing fabric made from Polyster and Cotton (“Polycotton”) which is used to make the outer layer of the Lappland Extreme jacket as well as many of their trousers, jackets, vests and caps. The tightly woven fabric gives good wind-proof qualities and at the same time the impregnation makes the fabric water-resistant. Quick-drying and easy to manage.

TEFLON IMPREGNATION – Teflon is a market leading impregnation manufactured by Du Pont. The Teflon forms a water and dirt-repellent shield around the fibres, any liquids on the items will bead up and roll away, and soil or mud, once dry, can be brushed off very easily without ruining the fabric. The Teflon forms a really efficient invisible barrier which keeps the this jacket smart and functional for a long time.

The impregnation will last for around 25 washes before it can be re-impregnated using a spray. It can also be refreshed using heat, eg: use a tumble drier after washing, which will cause the tiny Teflon fibres to stand up again where they may have been flattened during wear, this will re-charge the repellent properties of the Teflon. Compare this to wax coated garments that will need re-proofing after half a dozen washes at most.

ANTI-MOSQUITO – Pinewood’s TC-1200 fabric protects against mosquito bites. The fabric is very tightly woven to a level that cannot be penetrating by biting insects. I put this to the test against clouds of hungry midges by cinching down the cuffs and hood, all ended well for me with a only few bites to the face – great job!

50+ UV PROTECTION – The materials also provide extra high protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Out In The Field

The field test for the jacket was an easy win for the jacket really, despite me picking the most gruesome days possible. I had already worn the Lappland Extreme out fishing the week before in a rainy force 4 off of the headland in Newquay. These same conditions had seen me huddled in the corner of a rock crevice wearing another so-called “waterproof” jacket last winter (a different brand), this didn’t end well with water seeping through the fabric and down my back, the trip was aborted after an hour. The Pinewood Lapland Extreme handled things with no problems and allowed me to get on with the fishing, I even caught a couple of Dogfish – winner!

I wondered how the hood might perform in really heavy rain. The fact is it seems to works better the wetter it gets, as the hood was pushed down slightly from the force and weight of the rain, it made the top of the peak more pronounced. This allowed the rain to drip off faster and my face remained dry. I’m not sure if this is intentional but it works a lot better than my other jacket which just sags down over my forehead.

The second trip out in the woods was next level, the rain drops seem 10 times bigger coming off the leaves and it was blowing a hooley – Ash twigs and stuff flying everywhere – perfect! I loaded up the jacket pockets as full as possible with various gear (folding saw, knife, trail mix, catapult & ammo, tarp, gloves hat, tobacco, and iPhone). The front breast pockets are like buckets and in a really handy position too, even stuffed quite full they didn’t feel uncomfortable and didn’t swing around when walking like side pockets can when full. The iPhone went in the inside pocket for added protection, a sensible person would have put it in a little dry-bag, but I put my trust in the jackets waterproof properties – confidence!

I walked the perimeter of the woodland where it met the open fields, firstly to make sure that I exposed the jacket to the worst of the weather, and secondly in case I came across any small game on the way. Walking along with my hands in the pockets it occurred to me that the storm flaps over the pockets were actually working really well. With my hands in the pockets, the storm flaps were up, but they are angled in such a way that allows the water to run backwards away from the pocket opening – Many a time in the past I have ended up with pockets full of water and so this was another win for the Pine Lappland Extreme.

Out all day in the constant rain, and , the jacket did not fail me once – for the size of the jacket it feels really lightweight even when wet. No issues, no leaking, and no need at all to huddle in a rock crevice like some of my past trips. Just a brilliant jacket as I expected from Pinewood! The iPhone in my inside pocket made it back in working order too.


The Pinewood Lappland Extreme is a really competent bushcraft and fishing jacket and can withstand heavy wind and rain – great for hulking through bad conditions on the way to a fishing mark, or camping spot. The TC-1200 material in conjunction with waterproof layer and taped seams make this an amazing jacket for the money and more than adequate for all of my outdoor ventures year round.

The RRP for this jacket is around £140.00. Comparing the features of this jacket to many other jackets at double the price, the Pinewood Lappland Extreme is easily in the same league. I have tried both the Lappland trousers and the Lappland Extreme jacket now and myself and my fishing/bushcraft buddies are greatly impressed by Pinewood’s gear.


  • Sizes from S (small) up to 4XL (XL+ sizes) + available in kids sizes.
  • Click Here for Size Chart
  • Colours – Dark Green/Black (102), Dark grey/black (402), Dark Grey/black (402)
  • Strong reinforcements on shoulders
  • Taped Seams
  • Material – Brushed TC-1200
  • Coating – Impregnated with Du Pont’s patented Teflon layer
  • Water Column – >10.000 mm
  • Respiration – 14.000 g/m2/24h (ASTM: 6.000 g/m2/24h)

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Once again, I would like to give a big thank you to the guys at for the opportunity to try out the Pinewood Lappland Extreme jacket!