I really love seafood, and part of the interest for me is catching it myself too. Unfortunately my fishing rod is broken at the moment (an accident with the car door). Even when I was fishing quite regularly, I would only bag a couple of mackerel now and again. The majority of my time would be spent trying to untangle stuff.

One good thing about living near the sea is that fresh seafood is really accessible. I can take a quick trip down to the beach at low tide and collect bags and bags of big juicy mussels, my wife knows how to cook them really nicely and the kids love them too.

Here are some of my all time favourite sea food recipes, I had a hard time narrowing it down to these.


mussels mariniere

Moules Marinières is such an easy dish to prepare, it can be as simple as throwing some mussels in a pan with some white wine and a dash of cream.

chilli squid

Chilli squid is such a classic combination, this happens to be one of my favourite side dishes at Wagamamas (which I really hate to share) – Relatively simple to make, but overcooking the squid makes it rubbery.

dressed Cornish crab

One of ambitions is to catch, cook,and dress my own crab. There some skills involved and I doubt my first will look like this one. Crab tastes better than lobster in my opinion

scallops wrapped in bacon

The first time I tried scallops wrapped in bacon was at Camp Bestival, they were cooking them on a barbecue and the flavour was amazing!

monkfish curry

Not sure where I tried Monkfish curry, it might have been in a restaurant in St Ives, Cornwall. I remember it was really tasty, and well worth a mention.

sea bass with leek and potato rosti

You cant go wrong with sea bass, apart from the price. Another ambition of mine is to catch a great big sea bass and take it home for tea. My fishing rod is broken at the moment so no chance of that happening anytime soon

cornish stargazy pie

Stargazey pie originates from Penzance I think. I haven’t tried it myself, it looks quite good though.