Gemini glow in the dark breakout sinkers

Gemini Breakout Sinkers.

A have been using Gemini’s breakout sinkers for a while now, but I found their glow in the dark version particularly useful for pendulum in the dark (it helps a lot to be able to see where the lead is swinging). The glow in the dark leads are also easy to see when I need to grab my terminal gear. They charge up under the light of a head torch for a few minutes (while I bait up again). By the time you have retrieved the lead from sea (after half an hour or so) it will have run out of charge, but the light coloured plastic nose cone is still really easy to see in the dark. A really great idea from Gemini.

Gemini glow in the dark beads

Genie Spotted Floating Beads

The Genie spotted beads in the glow in the dark range are fantastic, designed to add some float to hook snoods (in 6,8,10mm sizes), they also look incredibly interesting to fish. I use these even in daylight on a plaice/turbot rig and they work brilliantly. I added 4 x 8mm beads to a whole small Sandeel bait and it gave it a good amount of buoyancy. The glow in the dark properties are still useful in the daytime when I am fishing deeper water from the kayak, and I can quickly get a good charge on the beads from the sunlight. They only come in packs of 10, mid spring I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a bulk pack to use on all my flattie rigs.

Gemini glow in the dark disgorger


As Craig Butler from West Coast Tackle once said “If you haven’t got one of these, then you’re not equipped!” he was referring to the original Gemini Disgorger. Well now they do them in the glow in the dark plastic, which is brilliant. When you unhook a fish, pick the fish up for a photo and leave the disgorger laying around in the sand you can easily find it again. With this, I now feel very well equipped!


I was already a big advocate of Gemini tackle before I tried some of their new Glow In The Dark range. The range also includes Rig Tubing, Tip Tape, Splash Down Sinkers, Solo Bait Clips, Splashdown Heads and Grips, and a Sinker Assembly Kit. As always, the glow in the dark terminal gear is of a very high standard and makes just a bit easier for night fishing. Brilliant!