In Florida, fishing is among the main activities that most people like doing during their free time or when they just want to take a break from their crazy day to day routine. Apart from providing you with a good time, Florida fishing also acts as a source of income to a number of people.

It has opened ways for business like offering charter boats services among others. It is always an exciting and a thrilling activity and at the same time can make you feel relaxed an ease up your mind. This is most definitely why the beaches of Florida always receive a lot of first timers as they also want to join and feel the experience too or maybe they just want to try something new.

Well, if it is your first time in doing something, it is always a normal thing to feel nervous and sometimes also make a couple of mistakes here and there. For that reason therefore, below are a few tips that can help every beginner when going out for their first ever fishing trip.

  • Do some research

In as much as fishing is usually regarded as a fun activity, it is still important to try and know what you are getting into especially being that it’s your first time.

There are a lot of things you should know even before you start shopping for poles and lines. You can go through the internet and try to find out some information about fishing or you might even go to your local library and do some reading. It is always a great thing to have an idea than going in blank.

  • Basic procedures

Well, if you are going to build a strong house, you will most certainly going to need a strong foundation, right? This is usually the basic procedure for every building or structure that is required to stand firm in the ground.

Without the understanding of some basic procedures, you might end up making a simple mistake that might cost you a lot. This is why even as you want to go try your luck in fishing, you need to a few basic things and safety procedures.

This is why we talked about doing some research in the first place. Click here to see more on safety.

  • Choosing the right equipment

Have you ever heard people talk about going to a gun fight with a knife? Well, this basically means choosing the wrong equipment for the wrong job.

If it is your first time fishing, always make sure that the managers know about your status or the captains if you are going to higher the charter boats. This is to give you guidance on what you are supposed to do and the kind of tools you need to use.

For instance, there are always some reels and rod that are specifically designed to be used by the beginners because they are simple to use. Trust me, you don’t want to use the open faced reels, they are not always recommended for the beginners.

  • The bait

You should also be aware that the bait you use will determine whether you’ll get a catch or not. First, it is important that you identify the type of fish you want to catch and therefore, the type of bait that attracts them.

For instance, you can use an insect as bait when you want catch a bream fish or use a raw chicken liver for catfish. Using a wrong bait might make you spend a lot of time on the water trying to get lucky.

  • Location

Another important thing to note when you are going fishing is the location. As you might have known during your research, seasons might affect fishing in that they tend to be in different locations during different seasons.

With the knowledge of what type of fish you want to catch, you can also know where they might be during a particular season. It will be a waste of time if you go looking for tunas when they are already in some other part of the world.


If you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry about anything. Well, as said before, you might feel a bit nervous at first but you will most definitely get better with time. Besides the above tips can help you prepare well before going for the fishing trip and most certainly make you get on the water like a pro. Read more about it here: