Varivas Gran Hooking Master and Monster Class weedless hooks

In my opinion the Hooking Master (heavy wire) and Monster Class (ultra heavy wire) weedless hooks by Varivas Gran Company are an absolute must have for the tackle box of any lure fisherman wanting to fish Texas rigged soft plastics over snaggy ground.

They are very strong and hold their sharpness really well making them ideal hooks for the speciment Bass and Pollock angler. The extra wide gape is perfect for fishing a wide variety of soft plastic baits including larger baits for wreck or reef fishing. The smaller sizes are great for chucking out a Texas rigged worm or sandeel into rocky weedy gulleys.

The extra wide gape of these weedless hooks allows me to hook up bigger soft plastic lures like shads

I have not had the pleasure of hooking into a fish big enough to bend these hooks out as yet, but after forgetting to reset my rig a couple of times I have been snagged up in the reef and they don’t bend out easily, I have 40lb braid on my offshore jigging reel and the braid snapped before the hook bent out with plenty more strength in it I’m sure.

I tend to fish with larger, chunkier shads and minnows that require the extra gape to ensure that the hook is adequately exposed when a fish takes the bait. Often when I target Sea Bass, I spend a lot of time stalking fish in shallow snaggy swims, when I get a take I want it to be well hooked.

wide gape weedless hooks

I have tried out the Hooking Master hooks (available up to size 5/0, and 10/0 for the Monster Class hooks) and I can easily hook up my chunkiest plastics with total confidence. The picture above shows a size 5/0 heavy wire hook (on the left) and a size 6/0 ultra heavy wire hook (on the right).

These hooks are available at a really good price, £2.95 per packet from Veals. I highly recommend these and I have selected them as my go-to hook for most of my lure fishing.