decorative string lights by Cotton & Cable

We’ve been hunting around for some decorative lighting for our bedroom for a while now, and so when the chance came to review some of the string light combinations from Cable & Cotton I was very pleased.

Their website is very easy to use with lots of  eye-catching product galleries, at first I was a bit spoilt for choice. I finally went with a string of these Marshmallow lights (a blend of soft Pink, pure White, pale Grey, Ivory and Dusty Rose) which perfectly matches the light tones that my wife has chosen for our bedroom.

The lights came very well packaged, and assembly was very easy (I only had to push the coloured balls onto the light fittings, and they were ready to use). After experimenting for a while, trying to decide where to mount them we finally decided to frame our headboard with them.

decorative lights on headboard

The light that comes off them is a nice mellow tone (and just the right brightness for reading in bed).

The Cable & Cotton website has a very wide range of colour combinations to choose from, and as I said before, I really was spoilt for choice. These lights could be used anywhere in the home, and the colour choices would allow you to create any mood you like.  The lights are available in strings of 25, 35 or 50 pre-selected colour patterns or you can even create your own.

Verdict: Many thanks to Cable & Cotton for the opportunity to review these lights. A really well made and well thought out product that certainly fulfils what we wanted.  Visit their website at  or follow them on Facebook and Twitter

(and here are a few pictures of some of my other favourite colour combos)

string-lights-turkish-delight string-lights-rainbow drops string-lights-cotton-candy string-lights-wasabi