The Glide 1+1 is the ultimate all-rounder and perfect fishing companion

I have been a strong supporter of the Concept Kayaks brand ever since I got my hands on their Concept Explore which was quickly promoted to my main fishing kayak. Now that my sons have shown an interest in kayaking I have been looking for a kayak that will allow me to take them out on the water (firstly onboard with me, for obvious safety reasons), but also something that they could use solo when they are ready. Although they share my enthusiasm for fishing too (in small doses), I really just want them to experience being out on the water, exploring, having fun in the surf, and enjoying some of the best outdoor experiences that Cornwall can offer, + if we can take a fishing rod along too, then that’s a bonus!

Concept Kayaks launched their newest model the Glide 1+1 this year, and I was thrilled to be collaborating with the brand again to try out the new model and it’s unique seating design. Potentially the Glide 1+1 was the perfect solution for taking my kids out (introducing them to the sport safely), whilst also doubling as fantastic little fishing kayak.


  • Adjustable/ Removable Foot Rests – these are a slightly different design to the ones on my Concept Explore, they have a sturdy construction and an easy to use mechanism to unlock and re-position
  • Lockable Forward Hatch with Storage Liner – The front storage hatch allows access to the inside of the hull, the red storage liner is useful for storing small items and is easily removable.. I really like the design of this hatch cover and the moulded drainage gutter that allows water to drain quickly away from the hatch recess.
  • Large Rear Storage Area with Integral Bungee – Rear storage is generous for a a kayak of this size (approx 580 x 380mm) with well positioned scupper drainage holes and high quality fixings holding the bungee in place. This will easily hold a few good fish (6-7lb cod) or a large dry bag full of gear.
  • Four moulded-in Carry Handles – These are an improvement on the screw in handles on other models, the side handles are positioned really well to balance the kayak when carrying with one hand and their recessed design means that they don’t get in the way.
  • Paddle Retainer and Moulded-In Bottle Holder – The paddle retainer is also well positioned behind the seat, but within easy reach. The moulded cup holder on the centre console is also handy for keeping small bits of fishing gear.

Lockable Forward Hatch with Storage Liner

Four moulded-in Carry Handles

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – 305 x 81 x 36cm (10′ x 2’8” x 1’2”)
  • Weight – 23kg (50lbs)
  • Max Load – 145kg (320lbs)
  • Colours – Glacier / Lagoon / Sherbet / Sunrise / Tropical / Forest Camo

The Glide 1+1 layout has been designed to comfortably fit 2 people seated together, rather than a conventional tandem kayak where you would be seated 1 front and 1 back. The main seat is positioned in the standard position but with a second moulded seat directly in front (between the legs of the main kayaker). At first I thought that this might make paddling difficult, but it works really well, the Glide 1+1 is quite wide anyway (81cm), and there is plenty of room between for your legs for a small/medium passenger. I have my paddle set to around 225-230cm in length and I can easily get the blades in the water at both a steep or narrow angle without the passenger getting in the way. I can also teach my sons how to paddle themselves with close supervision and without any mishaps.

The seating positions actually let the Glide 1+1 kayak sit much better in the water, therefore the Glide 1+1 performs really well on the water, being very comfortable to paddle and also very stable – as opposed to my experiences on a standard tandem design (with an adult and small child aboard) that ended up being quite unbalanced (front to back) and dragging a lot in the water at one end.

Large Rear Storage Area with Integral Bungee


The great thing about this kayak is that it comes with rod holders already fitted (as if I wasn’t going to seriously consider the potential for fishing!). Four flush mounted rod holders, two behind the seat (for storing rods in transit), and two in front (useful for trolling lures), plus a central mounted rod holder which I would use most often for drift fishing baits on the bottom. The central rod holder is fixed into a Scotty / RAM Mount compatible deck mount which comes with the kayak, allowing the rod holder to be easily removed when we don’t need it.

4 Flush Mounted Rod Holders

The pictures below show where I have swapped the deck mount out and installed a Railblaza StarPort HD deck mount, it has the same footprint as the factory installed base mount and fits the pre-installed screw holes perfectly (I used M6 x 15mm marine grade stainless steel machine screws). This allowed me to fit a spare Railblaza Rod Holder (surplus gear from my Concept Explore). Or could easily hold a fish finder.

Although I don’t intend on fitting a fish finder to the Glide 1+1 kayak quite yet, there is plenty of space on the centre console to fit one, and I can stow the battery, transducer, and wires inside the hull with access through the front storage hatch (a fitting project for the future).

Removable Central Swivel Rod Holder

The design of the hull allows the Glide 1+1 to perform really well in the water. We tried it out firstly on Porth beach in Newquay on a really flat day (it was pretty much like a mirror). The Glide 1+1 is really easy to paddle and quite literally glides (as the name would suggest). Turning the kayak was really easy too (even for a small 10 year old on his own). This kayak is perfect for exploring between rocks and caves, and because of it’s ease to paddle, ideal for longer adventures too.

My second outing was a trip out of Portholland (one of my fishing venues), the surf and wind was up and I went out solo this time (I took the kayak to its limit I reckon). Although the swell looked a bit hair raising, the Glide 1+1 did me proud and performed really well over and around the waves. The smaller size meant it was quicker to turn, allowing a safe but swift ride through the surf, it was much easier to correct my angles when waves were coming from the back and the side. Well positioned scupper holes allowed the water to drain away quickly, all in all it was a really fun and safe ride. The Glide 1+1 is really quick to paddle and really easy to catch a wave to surf back to shore – a bit too advanced for my 10 year old at the moment, but proving the potential of this kayak as a great all rounder for family fun, as well as a fishing vessel.

The ultra-stable hull shape and kayak length is what give this kayak its name


The Glide 1+1 retails at around £395.00 which is a good price for such a well equipped and well designed kayak. There are various colours and bundles available to buy from Outdoor Hub. The guys there are really helpful and definitely know their stuff about kayaks, it is well worth dropping them a line for further advice and information on the Glide 1+1.