Scanstrut Rokk Mount Review

Spring 2015 has been quite a quiet one in regards to kayak fishing, good conditions have not coincided with time off work. Therefore I have found quite a bit of time to tinker with my kayak, swapping out fittings and making improvements to the layout of the cockpit.

I eventually found time to fit my new Garmin Echo 501c fishfinder that I got for Christmas, and have been out on the water a couple of times with it which has been fantastic. The only issue that I encountered (which was a bit of a stinker) was that my previous fishfinder mount failed on the second trip out. With that lesson learnt, I have been looking to swap out my fishfinder mount with something far more reliable.

I am really pleased to be able to try out one of the Scanstrut Rokk Mounts for my Garmin Echo 501c. The Rokk Mount fits Railblaza StarPorts making it the perfect solution for me as I have several StarPorts installed on my kayak, including a TracPort 350 Dash intended for my fish finder and other devices. For those of you who don’t have a Railblaza StarPort installed, you can fit a StarPort really easily, or the Rokk mount is also available with screw on mount to attach straight onto your kayak.

Scanstrut Rokk mount for Railblaza StarPort

When ordering the Rokk Mount, it is important to note that there are several top plate designs available to fit the base of your fishfinder. I needed the RL-502 top plate which fits Garmin GPS MAP 400-600 / Echo 100-550 / Echo Map 50s; Raymarine Dragonfly & Dragonfly 7.

The Rok mounts, tilts and rotoates in all directions-then locks tightly into position

As soon as I un-boxed the Rokk mount, I could immediately tell that it had been built to last years. Here are the full product specifications:

Set & forget – Metal on metal, ball and socket system gives smooth,secure adjustment.
Zero loss of clamping force over time.
Fully versatile and easily adjusted – Simply unlock, reposition, lock again.360° of rotation. 270° of tilt.
Locking design ensures high clamping force with minimal user effort.
Extreme marine durable materials – Corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium,316 stainless steel and
glass filled nylon.
Super tough – Engineered to withstand high shock loading.
Quick fit – Supplied with complete fixings for your installation.
RAILBLAZA StarPort base – Offers a unique, portable mounting option.

The Rokk mount is very compact, this individual top plate is made to fit the Garmin Echo series

The Rokk mount unfortunately doesn’t come with a free packet of crisps, the photo illustrates the size of the Rokk mount. I was quite surprised at how compact the unit was, I expected it to be much larger (by my interpretation of images I had seen online). Deck space on my kayak is at a premium, and so the compact size is definately a good thing.

The picture shows the RL-502 top plate attached to the Rokk mount with a hex screw, the underside of the top plate has a square shaped recess where the Rokk mount fits into tightly and then the screw holds it in place. The top plate cannot rotate on the screw at all.

The screw holes on the top plate are aligned perfectly to accomodate the Garmin Echo base. Scanstrut include all of the necessary screws and fittings to attach the Garmin base onto the top plate (all nuts and bolts are marine grade stainless steel) – I actually opted to use some black nylon nots and bolts to attach the Garmin base, because they are black and I can cut them down flush to the nut.

The Rokk mount is very well constructed, pretty much indistructable

The StarPort attachment allows me to fit the Rokk mount in any of my onboard StarPorts. I placed the Rokk mount at my feet on the Railblaza TracPort 350. By adjusting the Rokk mount, I can get the Garmin head unit to sit forward by about 3-4 inches – just far enough to allow me to reach the Garmin control buttons.

With the Garmin set up and installed on the Rokk mount, I can press any of the buttons, move the fishfinder around, rotate it, tilt it, and turn it. With just a small turn of the white tightening knob, the Rokk mount clamps down hard and holds its position perfectly.

Verdict: I cannot praise this product highly enough, its completely bomb proof, and the perfect solution for my fishfinder mount. I have tried other brand products which have failed me, but this little beauty is so well constructed I have total confidence in its performance. Another top product from Scanstrut. The Rokk Adjustable Mount for Railblaza StarPort is available for around £55-£65.

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