Wishlist: My Top 5 – kayak, reel, sonar gear, 6k digital camera, and 3 man tent

Wish List – SS17 I already have a whole bunch of really awesome gear, but it happens every year when the sun comes out  … and SS17 has already bought a whole load more “must have” cool things that I definitely need right away. Being realistic,...
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Review: Pinewood Extreme – Waterproof Baseball Cap

As a keen lure fisherman through Spring to Autumn here in Cornwall, I like to do a lot of sunrise or sunset sessions for the best chances of specimen Bass. I often like to wear a rimmed hat to cut out light from above (low set sun), most often being my trusty camo...
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Review: Baffin Trapper – Insulated Wellington Boots

Developed & Tested in the Harshest Possible Conditions Winter sea fishing trips call for having a reliable pair of waterproof boots. I am talking about many hours of sitting still in very cold conditions with potentially a lot of time with your feet in very cold...
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Review: Zippo Hand Warmer

I recently got my hands on one of Zippo’s hand warmer units to try it out whilst out and about exploring. I have never really been a glove wearer, being a fisherman with all the knot tying, baiting up and unhooking fish it just seems like they would spend more... read more

Review: Viking Force 2 Neoprene Lined Wellington Boots

My Life Long Struggle To Find A Good Pair Of Wellies It’s not until you’ve used a range of wellington boots over a number years that you begin to appreciate “good quality” – I myself have fallen for marketing hype and gimmicks, I have... read more

Review: Sea To Summit – Comfort Plus Sleeping Mat

I have been trialling the Comfort Plus Sleeping Mat by Sea To Summit for the last couple of months, and I will get straight to the point by saying it is the BEST sleeping mat I have ever used and I’ve tried quite a few over the years. The design and materials... read more

Review: Deuter Traveller 80+10 Rucksack

I have been on the lookout for a large capacity rucksack to use mainly for bushcraft treks and longer camping trips, but also for general travelling use (family trips etc). I already have a variety of large holdalls, which I turn to on most occasions due to their... read more

Beside the Seaside

One of the good things about travel is that you get to explore and see some of the most beautiful coastlines you’ll ever come across. Are you struggling to choose a European coastal destination for your summer holiday? I’ve narrowed down the search with my top... read more

Review: Petromax Firebox FB2 – Dry Fuel Stove for Camping

Petromax very kindly sent me one of their new Firebox FB2 stoves to try out and review. The FB2 is the big brother to their original Firebox FB1 stove with the same design and features, but bigger. I really wanted to give this stove a try because I have used a number... read more

Review: Pinewood Lappland Trousers

A very long wet and windy winter in Cornwall led me into a spate of research on the internet, looking at what kind of technical clothing was out there for a bushcrafter on a budget. The effects of El Nino have been getting the better of me for the last 6 months, and... read more

5 Top Coastal Holidays for Water Sports, Fishing or Hiking

Thinking about a summer or autumn break, but not sure where to go? If you’re in love with the outdoor life like myself, then there are plenty of places you could consider for a break. Take a look at these five ideas for holiday destinations that offer excellent... read more

Review: DD Hammocks 3 x 3 Tarp – from Above & Beyond

Thinking back over some of my “wild camping” trips years ago, camping out with my mates equipped with barely adequate provisions for even the fairest weather, let alone the unavoidable downpours of rain that always seemed to appear from nowhere. Those... read more

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