Thinking about a summer or autumn break, but not sure where to go? If you’re in love with the outdoor life like myself, then there are plenty of places you could consider for a break. Take a look at these five ideas for holiday destinations that offer excellent fishing, hiking and water activities.

1. Lanzarote

Many people think Canary Islands and think of “Tenerife Uncovered” and Club 18-30 holidays, but this archipelago has a lot to offer outdoorsmen. You can get some pretty sweet deals and wind up on any number of coastal locations that offer fishing, water sports and more.

Lanzarote has fishing from the shore or expedition boat, and you get the usual range of tourist water sports like parascending and jet-skiing. And if the beach scene is a little touristy for your tastes, try hiking and mountaineering on the volcanic ash landscape of the “Mountains of Fire” at Timanfaya National Park.

Image Credit – Andrés Nieto Porras

2. Gran Canaria

Staying with the Canary Islands, how about Gran Canaria? Also a volcanic island, it offers a similar range of activities to Lanzarote. People often go there to explore the unspoiled landscapes and exciting mountain walking routes.

Again, you’ll find plenty of shore and boat fishing opportunities either at resorts or on less-trodden parts of the coastline. And you’ll also find sailing centres, surfing opportunities, and the chance to scuba dive among shipwrecks.

3. Negril, Jamaica

Thinking of going further afield than Europe? While Jamaica has a reputation for relaxation, there’s plenty on offer to hold the interests of more active people. You can take part in everything from deep sea to shore fishing to scuba diving.

In terms of water sports, you can try out parasailing or jet ski boating. But the real reason for mentioning Jamaica is the scuba diving. Negril offers underwater caves, coral encrusted arches and a place called Shark Reef. There’s ample opportunity to see exotic Caribbean sea life like turtles, bass and barracuda.

Image Credit – Abir Anwar

4. Riviera Maya, Mexico

Although known more for luxury resorts and swim up bars, Mexico’s Riviera Maya has a lot more to offer. There’s plenty of deep sea fishing opportunities and water sports. Divers will want to investigate the nearby reefs or even take a trip up the coast to see the artificial reef created at the Museo Subacuático de Arte, an underwater sculpture gallery at Cancun.

Hikers may want to investigate the nearby Mayan ruins at Tulum or take a 2 hour day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza. Or there’s the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve about an hour’s drive away. That’s loads of walking potential!

5. Thailand

It’s not the first place that many people think of, but Thailand has developed quite a reputation for freshwater fishing. With giant catfish and carp in many of the nation’s lakes, you can bag yourself a real whopper if you choose your location and bait well.

In terms of water sports, you can take part in all sorts of activities, including diving, kayaking and river tubing. So there are plenty of all-action activities to try out.

Have you got any recommendations for an outdoorsman’s holiday you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.