Fitting an anchor trolley system to a fishing kayak

As part of my fishing kayak build project, I decided to install an anchor trolley system to my Concept Explore, running down the port side of the kayak from bow to stern. This would be used for an anchor, with the intention of installing a half anchor trolley on the starboard side for deploying a drift chute.

Drilling the first hole in my beloved kayak was slightly nerve-racking (the thought of it still haunts me to this day). So as I plan to buy attachments to install, I always like to know about the exact fitting sizes and all of the associated bits and bobs.

My plans to install an anchor trolley was handled in exactly this way, I did a lot of research online to find the best anchor trolley kit, one that included a good length of cord to reach full length of my 12 ft kayak, and also the having best quality components and fittings. The anchor trolley kit from H2O Kayaks is the best kit to buy for the job and includes everything that I needed including some very detailed instructions for installation. The kit costs £21.95 from H2O Kayaks including the expanding rubber well nuts (my preferred fastening).

H2O kayaks make a complete anchor trolley system kit

Each kit includes:
9 x Metre Braid 4mm Trolley Line (8 Plait Polypropylene Break)
1 x 40mm Nylon Round Rigging Ring (Diameter = 40 mm Rim = 10 mm)
1 x Zig Zag Cleat
2 x Nylon Pad Eyes
2 x Stainless Steel 6mm Snap Hooks
2 x Stainless Steel (316) Pulleys with nylon sleeve
1 x Mounting Hardware Pack Including 6 x Well Nuts with stainless steel screws

The pulley is made of marine grade stainless steel

The fittings are all strong and well made

Verdict: The installation only took my 40 mins, the installation instructions are well written and as this was my first installation proved incredibly helpful. I now have a very secure anchor trolley that will last for years. When I need to buy the anchor trolley for the other side, this is definitely the kit that I will buy again.

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