I can think of dozens of times in the past when I would have been extremely grateful for having a Ghillie Kettle with me. To brew up a nice cup of tea, to cook something up for supper, or just to warm me up while I was stuck out in cold weather camping.  Now that I have one (kindly sent to me for this review), I will be taking it out on many an adventure to come.

The Explorer (full kit included)
This kettle boils approximately 3.5 Mugs of water in minutes and classed as a middle range kettle.
Lightweight 0.8 kg – made of Aluminium .
Holds up to 1.0 ltrs of water
Height: 28 cm / 11 inches
Width: 18.5 cm / 7.3 inches (at its widest point)

For this post, I have set the Ghillie Kettle up in my back garden. My two sons also wanted to help with the collection of sticks for the fire, and they were intrigued as to what I was going to do with it.

Setting up the sticks for the fire in the bottom

So it took us about 5 minutes to collect some wood for the fire, we made out best attempts to collect dead dry sticks (to avoid a mass of smoke). My eldest son built the fire in the bottom section of the Ghillie Kettle using a scrap of newspaper as kindling. We got it lit, and I put the top section of the Ghillie on top. This resulted in the fire going out really quickly – the newspaper burnt out quick without the wood catching. I tried once more and left the top section off this time, allowing good air circulation to the fire as it caught – success.

I then filled the Ghillie with water (just take the whistle stopper off and then fill 2/3 rds full) – and then I replaced the whistle stopper and put the top section on top of the bottom section. The fire was crackling away nicely and started to burn quickly, and flames were soon licking the top of the funnel – I can see why these are also known as volcano kettles.

Ghillie Kettle making a cup of tea

The water took around 3 minutes to boil, the whistle is very audible. I let it boil for a minute to see how loud it would go, and I could easily hear it from 100 yards away. By the time I had brewed my cup of tea, I put the top back on the Ghillie to allow the wood to burn down to embers. – I was careful to leave water inside the kettle so that it didn’t boil dry (as this may cause damage according to the instructions). The Ghillie Kettle kicks out some good heat and I could see that this was going to make a welcome addition to my winter fishing excursions.

Once the sticks had burnt down to a nice stack of hot glowing embers, I removed the top section and placed my grill on top of the fire. The round grill (available as part of the the cooking kit) is in two semi-circle halves that sit nicely together inside the rim of the bottom section.

Sausages cooking on Ghillie Kettle

The sausages cooked nicely (not too quick) – and there was plenty of heat coking from the fire well after they had finished (I should have put some bacon on there too) – my sons polished off the sausages whilst I enjoyed my cup of tea.

I am really impressed with the quality construction of my Ghillie, all parts are made to last. I was also really impressed by how easy it was to use and also how quickly it heated the water (quicker than my electric kettle at home). The cooking kit (comprising of a saucepan, frying pan, grill and pan grip) really allows you make the best of the Ghillie Kettle – I have already begun to plan some Bear Grylls style meals while I am out and about in the wild.

Visit the Ghillie Kettle website – http://www.ghillie-kettle.co.uk/