Kayaking & A Possible Future In VR

Virtual reality is touching just about every little corner of modern life, and if you have a particular hobby or interest, you can bet VR will interest with it in one way or another before too long. Kayaking, as you’d probably guess, definitely isn’t any different....
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Review: Wisport Sparrow 30 (v2) Rucksack A-TACS-IX

Jump to section: IntroductionMaterialsOn The OutsideOn The InsideWisport Sparrow 20 – New FeaturesNEW ATACS-iX CamouflageProduct Testing – Out In The FieldVerdict / SummarySpecifications Introduction A couple of years ago, I tried out and reviewed the Wisport Sparrow...
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Review: Gateway1 Sportsman – Wellington Boots

I was recently made aware of a company called Gateway1 who design, develop and test their own footwear in Scandinavia. I’ve always been a sucker for “Scandi-Gear” and jumped at the chance to take a look at their Sportsman 18″ wellington boots....
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Review: Petromax Firebox FB2 – Dry Fuel Stove for Camping

Petromax very kindly sent me one of their new Firebox FB2 stoves to try out and review. The FB2 is the big brother to their original Firebox FB1 stove with the same design and features, but bigger. I really wanted to give this stove a try because I have used a number... read more

Review: Pinewood Lappland Trousers

A very long wet and windy winter in Cornwall led me into a spate of research on the internet, looking at what kind of technical clothing was out there for a bushcrafter on a budget. The effects of El Nino have been getting the better of me for the last 6 months, and... read more

5 Top Coastal Holidays for Water Sports, Fishing or Hiking

Thinking about a summer or autumn break, but not sure where to go? If you’re in love with the outdoor life like myself, then there are plenty of places you could consider for a break. Take a look at these five ideas for holiday destinations that offer excellent... read more

Review: DD Hammocks 3 x 3 Tarp – from Above & Beyond

Thinking back over some of my “wild camping” trips years ago, camping out with my mates equipped with barely adequate provisions for even the fairest weather, let alone the unavoidable downpours of rain that always seemed to appear from nowhere. Those... read more

Review: Fällkniven A1 Pro – Professional Survival Knife

When I look for a knife to carry out in the field with me I am looking for an all purpose tool that could potentially take on the duties of a hatchet or saw (if I feel like travelling light) for wood preparation, also to be useful for cooking, harvesting tinder or... read more

Cooking up some brecky on my new Ghillie Kettle

I can think of dozens of times in the past when I would have been extremely grateful for having a Ghillie Kettle with me. To brew up a nice cup of tea, to cook something up for supper, or just to warm me up while I was stuck out in cold weather camping.  Now that I... read more

Review: Wisport Sparrow 20L Rucksack – A-TACS FG

I have been on the lookout for a small modular / tactical pack for a while now for day trips out, either hiking, fishing along the coast, and even stopping out overnight (travelling light, as I often like to). I jumped at the chance to review one of the Sparrow 20L... read more

Review: Condor T&T MOLLE Pouch – A-TACS AU

Military 1st sent me a Condor T&T Pouch (in A-TACS AU Camo) to try out. Although I was already familiar with Condor tactical products, I hadn’t used any before and so I was really pleased with the strength and quality of the construction of the pouch (made... read more

Review: Leatherman “Wave” Multi-tool

Some say that your not a real man until you’ve got a multi-tool. I started with a pen-knife that my dad bought me from a shop in Oban (in Scotland) when I was 12. That was the moment when I felt properly grown up. His words of advice were “be careful with... read more

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