Kayaking & A Possible Future In VR

Virtual reality is touching just about every little corner of modern life, and if you have a particular hobby or interest, you can bet VR will interest with it in one way or another before too long. Kayaking, as you’d probably guess, definitely isn’t any different....
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Review: Wisport Sparrow 30 (v2) Rucksack A-TACS-IX

Jump to section: IntroductionMaterialsOn The OutsideOn The InsideWisport Sparrow 20 – New FeaturesNEW ATACS-iX CamouflageProduct Testing – Out In The FieldVerdict / SummarySpecifications Introduction A couple of years ago, I tried out and reviewed the Wisport Sparrow...
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Review: Gateway1 Sportsman – Wellington Boots

I was recently made aware of a company called Gateway1 who design, develop and test their own footwear in Scandinavia. I’ve always been a sucker for “Scandi-Gear” and jumped at the chance to take a look at their Sportsman 18″ wellington boots....
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Things to do in Montego Bay

Jamaica is a buzzy Caribbean island, famed not just for its incredible beaches but for its people, music, marine life, and scenery. Montego Bay, the island’s second biggest city, is a good place to base yourself on a holiday here. This way, you can enjoy a lively town... read more

Review: Hoggs Neoprene Lined Field Boots

I have been looking for decent Wellington boots for so long now, actually nearly a whole year. Why so fussy? Well its got a lot to do with the grip more than anything, to me that’s just as important as them being waterproof. The kind of places I like to go are... read more

Review: Fitting a Scanstrut deck seal to a kayak

As part of my kayak build project, the installation of my fish finder requires me to run cables from the cockpit of the kayak, through the plastic and into the hull cavity. This fitting needs to be watertight as I regularly launch the kayak into surf and I definitely... read more

The best anchor trolley kit by H2O Kayaks

As part of my fishing kayak build project, I decided to install an anchor trolley system to my Concept Explore, running down the port side of the kayak from bow to stern. This would be used for an anchor, with the intention of installing a half anchor trolley on the... read more

Exploring the Arctic with Quark Expeditions®

I’ve watched countless wildlife documentaries about the lives of amazing creatures that live in polar climates, but to actually explore the Arctic or Antarctic always seemed to be more or less inaccessible to the average person. I was quite surprised to discover... read more

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