I have been on the lookout for a large capacity rucksack to use mainly for bushcraft treks and longer camping trips, but also for general travelling use (family trips etc). I already have a variety of large holdalls, which I turn to on most occasions due to their large volume, but they are terrible for carrying any amount of distance, and lack any pockets for organising my gear inside.

The Deuter 80+10 Traveller pack is one of the biggest packs made by Deuter and the size of this pack is the first thing that caught my eye. Potentially this would allow me to get all of my gear inside, and be able to carry it comfortably on my back leaving my hands free. Deuter state that the Traveller 80+10 is most suited for general travelling rather than trekking, but reading through the specifications online, I realised that it’s design and features could easily be suitable for both and I could make this pack work well for me in the city and in the wilderness.

I am really happy because Deuter GB very kindly sent me one of these packs to put it to the test.

So first of all I would like to point out that the name “Traveller 80+10” doesn’t quite cover it, it’s actually more like 80+10+21. The main pack (80 litres) is expandable by unzipping an external zip that runs around the full perimeter of the pack and gives and extra 10 litres of volume. There is also a 21 litre detachable day pack which I will go into in more detail below, but makes this set-up a whopping 111 litres capacity in all, rather than 90 litres as I first thought.

The front opening design of the Traveller 80+10 is a standout feature for me, obviously one of the contributing factors that lends this bag so well to travel use, but actually a big plus for use out in the field too. The main compartment is able to open right up using a U shaped double zip and folds right open like a suitcase. This enables me to pack things inside far more easily, and also position items optimally to keep heavier items close to the centre of gravity. This of course can be achieved with any pack, but the beauty of this is that when I need to pull something out, I don’t have to disrupt the Feng-shui and things can be also placed back in the same spot again without having to pull a bunch of other stuff out.

The bottom compartment (sleeping bag compartment) on the Traveller 80+10 is huge (I would say about 30-35 litres) and can easily fit my large Arctic sleeping bag inside plus more gear besides. The bottom compartment has a zip that allows access to the main compartment, and can also be removed to make a single main compartment.

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Materials & Features

Deuter-MacroLite 420 – Special high density 420 denier polyamide offers high abrasion resistance with it’s very tight weave. This top quality fabric is used for Guide backpacks and Travel range models. PU coating.

Deuter-Duratex – A Polyamide-fabric that is extremely abrasion and tear resistant. This is used for the bottom panel of the Traveller 80+10. It has a thread of 1000 denier and a thick PU coating on the inside.

The Deuter Traveller 80+10 pack has a PU (polyurethane) coating on the fabric which gives a waterproofing coating and making the fabric water resistant. This doesn’t give 100% waterproof protection, in heavy conditions water will seep through seams and zips. I always keep my clothes and sleeping bags in waterproof compression sacks anyway – so no worries.

If the pack gets wet inside, the material is very quick to dry, the full front opening design of the Traveller 80+10 allows me to open the pack right up and hang up to dry in the sun.

Breathable Foam Back – The breathable foam back helps reduce perspiration by allowing air to circulate.

Harness Adjustment System – The harnesses are easily adjustable and can be made to fit a wide variety of body types.

Padded Hip Belt – The hip belt is comfortably shaped, well padded and adjustable. When carrying heavy loads it is possible to use the hip belt to hold much of the weight and take the strain off the shoulders – this proved really comfortable when carrying over 40 kg on one trip.

Bottom Compartment – The bottom compartment or “sleeping bag compartment” is a really good size and can be access from the front zip. There is a removable partition on the inside that separates it from the main compartment.

Expandable Volume – The Traveller pack is expandable by 10 litres by unzipping the external

Sternum Strap – Adding to the adjustable shoulder straps and waist bet, the adjustable sternum strap is sturdy but really comfortable and stops the shoulder straps from riding apart under a heavy load.

Inside the main compartment Deuter have fitted some very well designed adjustable luggage straps to keep gear from moving around inside There are also several zipped mesh pockets, two large ones on the inside front of the bag and two smaller ones on the inside back and inside top of the bag – these are really good for keeping toiletries and small items of clothing or towels etc.

The zips are all high quality YKK and external zips all have a storm flap covering them to disperse water and keep things dry. The main pack also has 4 strong compression straps (2 on each side) to cinch the bag down tightly, and good for holding items external to the bag. I have attached a cord loop through one of the attachment points near the top grab handle as an axe loop and use one of the compression straps to hold the axe in place. I am also able to use the straps to hold my folding chair and a camera tripod.

There are no side pockets on the main pack, possibly the only con, but not a deal breaker whatsoever. The Traveller 80+10 has a detachable 21 litre day pack. This attaches very neatly to the main bag with a really sturdy zip that runs around the outside of the day pack. When attached, this functions as a very large external storage area, and has good sized pocket (7″ wide x 14″ tall) right on the front for storing more items. I have been using it to stow a water bottle, cook set, tinder bag, paracord, knife, folding saw, snacks, first aid kit and also a folded tarp. The space between the day pack and the main pack contains the straps for the day pack and is large enough itself as a storage area. I use it to keep my foam mat and any maps, and I can actually fit a hydration bladder inside running the hose out of the bottom of the zip – all in all, the day pack gives this set-up plenty of useful storage space.

When detached, the day pack has it’s own uses and is great as lightweight luggage for day trips or short excursions when I want to leave my main pack at base camp. The day pack will easily hold some waterproof clothing, pack lunch, camera gear etc, or if I want to spread the load when trekking, I get one of my kids to carry it. There are some handy internal pockets inside the day pack, a generous main compartment, a sleeve pocket in the main compartment that could also be used to hold a hydration bladder, and a 7″ x 11″ mesh pocket for smaller items with a key tag. The front external zipped pocket can fit a large water bottle and nesting cup or my solid fuel stove. In addition to this there are two elasticated sleeve pockets, one on each side of the day pack that will each hold a narrow 0.75 litre water bottle.

The main pack has two really robust grab handles. They are nice and wide and really well stitched on with a bit of padding on the inside for added comfort. One is situated on the top and used for lifting the pack to put it on, it is also great for hanging the pack up on a tree or post when I am camping. The second grab handle is placed on the side of the pack and allows the pack to be grabbed or carried sideways like a holdall. This is great when I’m using the pack for general travel, especially in airports or train stations where luggage services may be handling it.

This pack is very adjustable, with the Deuter Vari-quick system you can easily change the torso size to fit most adults. Adjustments are effortless, just pull open the Velcro tab and fit into position. The shoulder straps are really well padded and also have adjustment straps and load lifter straps. There is an adjustable sternum strap too.

The anatomically formed hip belt is also really well padded and is nice and wide for comfortable support. The inside of the straps and the back of the pack are covered in a breathable foam, the back also has ventilation ridges for extra air circulation.

Out In The Field

To put this pack to the test, I loaded it to the absolute max for a weekend trip wild camping. The pack on it’s own weighs over 3kg, and loaded with my gear it topped 40kg. The pack was really easy to wear, it took a bit of manoeuvring to get it on by myself due to the weight, but the grab handles made this easier. Once the pack was on though, with straps tightened and adjusted, it was extremely comfortable – I won’t say I didn’t notice it, because it was really heavy, but a few further adjustments as I walked slowly through the forest and I was really happy. Lumbar support is fantastic and even with a really heavy load, you can position the load with the load lifters to that it feels OK.

I could not have fit any more items in the pack, and purposely trying to put stress on the pack I chucked it around a bit and gave it a hard time. The zips and buckles are solid and even crammed full of gear they showed no signs of giving way. The Deuter Macrolite fabric is lightweight but really strong, I was a bit nervous of taking this pack out bushcrafting at first as most of my packs are made from 1000D cordura, but the Traveller 80+10 came back from my trips with no damage at all (in better condition than me)


I am really impressed with the Traveller 80+10 pack, it was a true work horse on my trips out and allowed me to haul a bunch of gear really comfortably. There are enough pockets and dividers to make it a really useful bag for my trekking and camping trips and it has now also replaced my trusty holdall fr holiday trips. The fit and finish of the bag is impeccable, really well made, really well designed – I expected a lot from Deuter and I got that, and more. Brilliant!


  • Concealable back system with Vari-Quick, X-frame and anatomically formed hip belt to carry heavy loads comfortably
  • U-shaped zip opens the main compartment fully. Alternatively a divider can be zipped in and the bottom compartment loaded separately
  • Large detachable daypack with ventilated back and valuables pocket inside
  • Luggage stabilisers inside
  • Several zipped mesh pockets
  • Compression straps
  • Three grab handles
  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps
  • Dimensions – H x W x D: 79 x 38 x 32cm
  • Volume – 80 + 10L + 21L Daypack
  • Weight – 3450g
  • Price £210 GBP

A Big Thanks to:

A big thanks to the guys at deutergb.co.uk for the opportunity to try out the Traveller 80+10 Rucksack