Fatyak Kaafu kayak with paddle and seat

Fatyak Kayaks very kindly sent me one of their 1 seater Kaafu kayaks to feature on the blog, and so this is the beginning of an amazing new hobby for me. As a keen explorer and fisherman with access to hundreds of miles of Cornish coastline, I intend on kitting the kayak up for both fishing and fun in Cornwall over the coming weeks.

Top Quality Build and Design
The Kaafu is Fatyak’s 1 seater sit-on kayak. Manufactured in the UK to a very high standard of production, you can see the quality of the 1 piece moulded structure as soon as you take it out of the bag. There are no seams or joints, meaning that there is much lower risk of leakage, even when the kayak is being put through it’s paces.

The cockpit area is well designed, with loads of leg room and staggered foot braces to suit kayakers both large and small. The recommended maximum load is 130kg, and so there is ample capacity for myself and all of my fishing gear!

The hull has 6 x scuppers, with sharp chines and a raised middle spine that helps with the tracking of the kayak. The scupper holes are sizeable enough to use to use one for installing a fish finder transducer (very handy). The bow has an upwards curve which helps riding waves which will be a huge benefit for me when launching off of surf beaches.

One of my biggest concerns (before seeing the Kaafu) was transportation. But the Kaafu has 4 x moulded handles (front, back, and on each side). It only weighs 20kg too, and the side handles are really well positioned for perfect balance when carrying the kayak on your own. Lifting it onto a car roof rack by myself is going to be no problem either.

Main Features and Spec
Size – Length = 3020mm, Width = 770mm, Height = 300mm
Weight = 20kgs, Capacity = 130kgs
2 x Dry Storage Hatches
2 x Paddle Parks
1 x Drain Plug
Deck Loop Fittings
Staggered Foot Braces
Moulded in Carry Handles
Rear Storage Area

Onboard Storage
The standard model of the Kaafu comes with 2 x dry storage hatches (with rubber covers) – perfect for keeping your mobile phone and car keys. The dry hatch directly in front of the seat could also be useful for keeping bait or lures when I am fishing. There is also a large open storage area behind the seat with bungee cord straps for holding cargo, perfect to hold my fishing equipment, an anchor, and also a fold-up crab pot.

Fatyak Kayak storage hatch with waterproof rubber lid

Kayak rear storage area with bungee cord fastening

Fatyak Kaafu kitted out for fishing
Fatyak actually sell fishing kayaks that are already kitted out with rod holders, anchor trolley systems and a mounting block for fish finders and GPS (picture below). I fully intend on using my Fatyak Kaafu kayak for sea fishing as soon as possible, and this project is likely going to evolve in a complete fishing re-fit throughout the coming weeks. Additional accessories are available from the Fatyak website.

Fatyak fishing kayak - kitted out for sea fishing

As an optional extra, I decided to have the flush mounted rod holders (factory fitted) to my standard model Kafuu. There are two flush mount rod holders (positioned on each side behind the seat) which have a rubber cap to stop any water leaking in when not in use. They point upwards and toward the rear of the kayak, so will be ideal for rod storage when paddling, and also for trolling or drift fishing for Sea Bass.

I will likely have one of the Ram rod holders fitted on the centre console, which is very handy as it sits just in front of the seat and would be perfect for a baited rod fished on the bottom. I will also be fishing lures on a second rod which will stay in my hand.

Kayak inset rod holder

kayak centre console with an area to mount fish finder and another fishing rod holder

I will definitely be installing a fish finder to the kayak. You don’t necessarily need a fish finder to catch fish, but it’s such a useful tool for surveying the bottom, and the water depth / temperature. The Kaafu has a small area in front of the centre console that is perfect for fixing a mounting bracket. This will be a DIY job, so I will make sure that I use stainless steel bolts, and I will seal my drilled holes with a good quality marine silicone. (I will be writing more in-depth about DIY modifications to my kayak very soon).

I haven’t stopped grinning since I took delivery of this kayak. Overall, the quality and design are top notch and you will find it very hard to find something just as well designed in this price range from anybody else. I would like to thank Fatyak for sending the kayak for review, and I will be writing more in-depth articles on using the Kaafu for sea fishing very soon – I can’t wait to get going!

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