As a keen lure fisherman through Spring to Autumn here in Cornwall, I like to do a lot of sunrise or sunset sessions for the best chances of specimen Bass. I often like to wear a rimmed hat to cut out light from above (low set sun), most often being my trusty camo baseball cap with a pair of polarised sunglasses to to protect my eyes from water glare. The problem with my trusty old cap is that it isn’t waterproof, which means 7 times out of 10 it ends up sodden wet through…not much fun on a cold day.

Despite it’s flaws I’ve been kinda attached to my scraggy old cap, but as we came into this winter with a shedload of really bad weather, I was definately ready to consider an upgrade this year. Average winter temperature in Cornwall is around 4-7 degrees celcius which means that even when rock fishing or beach fishing I can just about get away with wearing a baseball cap (which suits me as a creature of habit), I would also be wearing a hooded coat and fleece so that if there is a bit of wind I can just pull my hood over the top. I am really happy to have been sent a Pinewood Extreme waterproof baseball cap to try out. Already being a big fan of Pinewood, and also familiar with their waterproof/breathable technologies from the Lappland Extreme jacket I recently reviewed here, I knew the cap was made to easily withstand Cornwall’s wet winter weather.

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Out of the box the Pinewood Extreme cap instantly appeals to me, the pictures show the Dark Green colour with the black back panel, which I chose because it matches my other Pinewood gear (Lappland Extreme jacket / Lappland trousers), its important to be coordinated right :)   First and foremost is the comfort test, I’ve owned quite a fewbaseball caps over the years and just sometimes I’ve had caps that irritate my head where the top button prodrudes through. The Pinewood cap proved to have a soft, comfortable fit, even after wearing it all day long, including a few sessions wearing an elasticated head torch over the cap it was still absolutely fine.

The visor on the cap is nice and wide, and prodrudes 3 inches from the crown, giving good coverage from sunlight (or rain from my eyes). The cap has a closed back which you often see on a fitted cap, but it is also possible to adust the cap using the draw string and toggle which replaces a traditional adjustable closure. This design works really well as it negates the need for a gaping hole on the back, and gives the cap that extra bit of protection from the elements.

The cap does not have a built in Buckram, this is the stiff panel of fabric which is used in regular baseball caps to give the crown extra height and structure. Although the Pinewood Extreme does look good, its not a fashion statement – designed for fishing and outdoors, the exclusion of the Buckram makes the hat extremely comfortable across the forehead (and as mentioned before, with a head torch over the top).

As with all of the other Pinewood gear that I use, the fit and finish of the cap is superb. All seams are very neatly stitched, the seams are also taped to make them waterproof. The materials used are very high quality, comfortable and quiet to wear, but upholding their core design properties throughout all conditions. For a fishing/hunting/bushcraft/exploring hat I couldn’t ask for more.

Waterproof and Breathable Technology

2 Layered Membrane – The Pinewood Extreme baseball cap has a wind and waterproof functional membrane that breathes. The membrane layer is laminated with the lining. Pinewood feature this membrane in their hunter’s clothing as it provides a very quiet outer fabric.

Taped seams – The seams of this cap are sealed with waterproof tape. This prevents water penetrating through the seams of the garment.

TC-1200 FABRIC – TC-1200 is Pinewood’s own hard wearing fabric made from Polyster and Cotton (“Polycotton”) which is used to make the outer layer of the cap as well as many of their trousers and jackets. The tightly woven fabric gives good wind-proof qualities and at the same time the impregnation makes the fabric water-resistant. Quick-drying and easy to manage.

TEFLON IMPREGNATION – Teflon is a market leading impregnation manufactured by Du Pont. The Teflon forms a water and dirt-repellent shield around the fibres, any liquids on the items will bead up and roll away, and soil or mud, once dry, can be brushed off very easily without ruining the fabric. The Teflon forms a really efficient invisible barrier which keeps the this jacket smart and functional for a long time.


The Pinewood Extreme waterproof baseball cap is very versatile, using it over the last few weeks in a lot of rain, sleet and hail it proves its worth as a waterproof hat, and as good as any other. But of course it works just as well in the sun and i will be using this hat throughout the lure fishing season. It is also absolutely perfect for kayak fishing where shielding my face from the sun above is very important (even on cloudy days). Overall for £20 RRP this is a very well made cap using tried and tested technologies and a comfortable and practical design. The Pinewood cap performed really well on all my fishing trips (rain or shine), it is really comfortable and gives significant warmth too, I will be wearing this one year round… awesome cap, amazing value!


  • Includes waterproof/breathable membrane
  • Taped Seams
  • Material – Brushed TC-1200
  • Coating – Impregnated with Du Pont’s patented Teflon layer
  • Water Column – >10.000 mm
  • Respiration – 14.000 g/m2/24h (ASTM: 6.000 g/m2/24h)
  • RRP £20.00

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