Insulated & Waterproof Gloves – For Winter Hunting and Fishing

Late season hunting or fishing often means braving freezing cold temperatures. Whether sitting around waiting for the ducks to notice your decoys, or patiently watching your rod tops for that Cod bite youve been dreaming of, extreme cold has forced even the most enthusiastic outdoorsman to abort mission and call it an early day.

It’s definitely no fun if your ears, face or feet get too cold. However the worst thing that can happen is to let your hands get too cold. If this happens you may find yourself clumsily fumbling around and messing up a well planned day. It is important to bring along high quality gloves to ensure your hands stay warm.

For all my winter trips this season, I’ve been using these Hunting Gloves (model number 9410) from Pinewood. As some of you might know, I love Pinewood gear and these are no exception.

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Warm, Comfortable and Functional

This glove is my new best friend. Not only are they warm and very comfortable, the Pinewood hunting gloves are functional and lined with a waterproof liner membrane. The liner membrane is waterproof and breathable and works incredibly well as a barrier that not only stops moisture getting to your hands (which could be game over for the trip in sub-zero conditions), but equally important its breathability allows some sweat moisure to escape.

The Pinewood gloves are cut and sewn really well with waterproof taped seams, and even with generous thermal padding (40g of Thinsulate), the finger joints have excellent flexibility so that your movements are agile and not restricted. There is also a trigger finger opening for safer shots when hunting, and can be used equally well for casting when fishing.

The palms and finger tips have an additonal waterproof layer (the black areas in the pictures) – This also proides excellent grip on things, and is a bit more durable base fabric soft wont get snagged or ripped so easily on thorns or barnacle covered rocks.

Other features on this glove which I really like are the long elasticated cuff at the opening, which hugs the wrist and keeps things very warm. It isnt restrictive at all and underlaps a  jacket or jumper easily. The gloves can also be cinched down over the wrist with a nylon strap/buckle which is attached over the top of the glove.

Even with the inner thinsulate layer and waterproof membrane being separate from the outer layer, these gloves are really easy to put on and take off (then put back on again). I wanted to stress this point because many layered gloves can be really annoying when the inner layers pull out as you take your hand out, then you have to spend a few minutes trying to re-align the fingers. This doesnt happen with the Pinewood gloves (as it probably shouldnt with any gloves), but Pinewood got it right – brilliant!


The 9410 Hunting Gloves gloves from Pinewood tick all the boxes and I am really impressed with them. There are a ton of cheap gloves out there, many of which have reputations for falling apart quite quickly, but I have been using Pinewood gear for some time now, (Lappland Extreme jacket and trousers), and I am continously impressed by the quality and design of their gear….Excelllent!

These gloves are priced at £34.00 RRP and come in a range of colours (Moss Green, Hunting Brown, Suede Brown, and Dark Green) , I chose the Dark Green colour (pictured above) which matches my other Pinewood gear.


  • 100% Polystester
  • 40g Thinsulate Insulation
  • Pinewood Waterproof Membrane
  • Taped Seams
  • Adjustable Wrist Straps
  • Sizes: M-L and XL-XXL
  • Colours: Dark Green, Moss Green, Hunting Brown, Suede Brown
  • RRP £34.00

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