I have been trialling the Comfort Plus Sleeping Mat by Sea To Summit for the last couple of months, and I will get straight to the point by saying it is the BEST sleeping mat I have ever used and I’ve tried quite a few over the years.

The design and materials used in the Comfort Plus make for an extremely comfortable sleeping base that has literally boosted my love of sleeping outdoors tenfold, a bold statement I know but it has to be felt to believed. The Comfort Plus Mat is an award winning product with design features that have changed my whole view on using sleeping mats.

I have always been grateful for having any kind of camp mat (even just the foam roll-ups) especially when wild camping, but the insulating properties and the supportive comfort of the Comfort Plus means I feel much happier in tackling some of the harsher environments, making any bit of ground into a potential bed for the night.

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Out of the box

The Comfort Plus Pad comes rolled up in its own stuff sack, in a neat cylindrical shape (12 x 26cm) fitting nicely into my pack. It weighs in at 1170g, a little heavier than other pads due to the insulation, but absolutely worth the little extra weight in exchange for the added comfort you will get sleeping out in the field.

I chose the large rectangular version (203 x 65cm – for the extra space), with the regular size at (183 x 56cm). The Comfort Plus pad is also available in a “mummy” or “silhouette” shape.

The stuff sack is secured at the top with a pull cord & toggle, and the pad easily goes in and out of the adequately sized sack without a struggle. The pad comes with a puncture repair kit (with self adhesive patches included). The Comfort Plus comes in a striking red colour which doesn’t blend in at all with all my camo gear, but what the hell, I really like it.

As you roll the pad out, you will notice the honeycomb configuration of the sprung cells across the whole surface of each side (more on that shortly), and there are two grey valves at the end (one on each side). Each valve has 2 integrated tabs that can be opened separately.

  • small tab open = to inflate
  • large tab open = to deflate

With the small tab open (to inflate) you will notice a little pressure release valve which you can push with your finger to regulate the pressure. So all in all the Comfort Plus has a pretty easy to use design which I love (doesn’t have to be complex to be smart right?), but its the technology under the hood that makes this pad so awesome…(read below)

Sea To Summit technology

The Comfort Plus mat incorporates some really interesting technology innovated by Sea To Summit, a brand that I was previously familiar with and had heard a lot of good things.

Sprung Pockets – The air sprung cells are the core technology of Sea To Summit’s Sleeping Mat range. Instead of the typical baffled construction, Sea to Summit sleeping mats are constructed using a dot-weld pattern to create a high surface-area matrix of interconnected chambers called Air Sprung Cells™. The Comfort Plus Pad has 788 independent sprung cells (large rectangular model), with the air baffles and cells laid out in a honeycomb configuration. These cells operate in the same way as a pocket sprung mattress, as each cell deforms independently the mattress conforms to your body shape which feels softer and more comfortable with more body contact area and an even dispersion of pressure.

THERMOLITE® insulation, designed for ultimate performance, is made from specially engineered fibers to achieve a high CLO value with low weight. THERMOLITE® HL-1 high loft insulation is a fiberfill constructed with a unique 3D crimp of hollow-core and solid fibers, which provide excellent lightweight warmth with superior durability. The THERMOLITE® insulation lofts up inside the Air Sprung Cells™ to prevent convective heat loss from your warm body to the cold ground. Exkin Platinum® and THERMOLITE® are combined to great effect in each of the Insulated versions of the mats.

Dual Chamber Design – Designed to allow the full inter-connection of the Air Sprung Cells™, but the added benefit being that if one side has a puncture, you are still able to utilise the air bed out in the field. The dual chamber design also contributes to the insulating properties to prevent losing warmth when sleeping on cold ground. The pad is rated at R value 5 – great for colder climates. By experimenting with different air pressure in each side you can get a firm base and a softer top (which I personally prefer).

Setting it up

With the pad rolled out flat, it’s really simple to inflate ready for use. The two valves situated at the end allow inflation of the dual air system – with each side of the pad being independent from each other. With the small tab open it only takes 7-8 breaths to inflate each chamber. As you inflate the first side, you’ll notice the shape of the pad appear crinkly, but don’t worry, this straightens out perfectly as you inflate the other side.

If you happen to over-inflate the pad a little, making the pad too firm, just push the little pressure valve inwards with a finger to release a bit of air – nice touch!

Deflating the pad is just as quick and simple, opening the large tab of each valve will allow the air to escape. The valve openings are quite large, and it takes literally seconds to deflate back to flat, and ready to roll up again. By keeping the vales open as you roll it up, it expels every bit of air and packs away beautifully – Brilliant!


I love this sleeping pad!… Out in the field this pad is easy to pack and carry, and sleeping on it (as I stated earlier) is so much better than any pad I have ever used. The length and width easily accommodates my large size, I am able able to lay on my front/back/side with plenty of room to roll over, and not having any part of me pushing through the pad and touching the ground – extremely comfortable!

The thermal insulation works really well, the first time I slept out in the forest I was actually too warm, and slept happily on top of it without a sleeping bag. The pad also fits my hammock really well.

To ensure I keep the pad in best condition I like to make sure I clear the ground of any twigs and stones and I put the pad inside a waterproof bivvi bag that I have – but this isn’t necessary, I just like to look after it as my new fave bit of kit!

The RRP for the large rectangular pad is £165.00 (GBP), or £150 for the regular size – but absolutely worth the money for the comfort you will get sleeping out in the field. 10/10 AWESOME PRODUCT!


  • Weight: Regular Mummy:710g Regular Rectangular:795g Large Rectangular:965g
  • Length/Width: Regular Mummy:183x55cm Regular Rectangular:183x56cm Large Rectangular:201x64cm
  • Thickness: 6.3cm
  • Construction: Dual Layer
  • Shape: Mummy or Rectangular
  • R Value: 5
  • no. Air Sprung Cells: Regular Mummy:548 Regular Rectangular:596 Large Rectangular:788
  • Rolled Size: Regular Mummy:10x17cm Regular Rectangular:10x17cm Large Rectangular:10x17cm

A Big Thanks to:

A huge thanks to the guys at mountainboot.co.uk – (distributors for seatosummit.co.uk) for the opportunity to review the Comfort Plus Mat