Review - Didriksons 1913 Ivar Men's Jacket

Choosing a jacket to stay warm and dry in Cornwall has proven to be a challenging feat. Braving the howling wind and sideways rain of the North coast can be soul destroying, many a carefully planned Sunday walk has been aborted at last minute due to weather conditions, with me retreating to watch the countryside from the warmth of my car. The things that I look for in a good jacket are for it to be 100% waterproof (100% means 100%!) and also have great windproof properties.

I was not necessarily looking for a big chunky warm jacket, as I prefer to layer up for more effective body heat management, and a more lightweight jacket can be rolled up when not required and stashed away in my rucksack.

The Didriksons brand caught my eye, they have been making weatherproof clothing since 1913, starting out with their range of workwear for Scandinavian fisherman (they should know a thing or two about weather, I reckon). The Ivar men’s jacket is styled on a traditional M65 military jacket, with four front pockets and a roll away hood, practical and functional – exactly what I was looking for.



  • Fabric – 75% Cotton 25% Polyamide Weave, Laminate, PFC free WR Finish
  • Waterproof – 100% – 8 000 mm, ISO 811:1981, all seams taped.
  • Windproof – 100%
  • Beathability – 20% – 4000 g/m²/24 h, ASTM E-96 BW STANDARD.
  • Warmth – 30%

I have worn the Ivar jacket out on a number of occasions this Autumn, and it feels really comfortable and well fitted. It is worth mentioning that this jacket is not build for warmth, there is no insulation to speak of, and that is intentional. When I wear this jacket, I layer up underneath, with Merino base layers and fleece mid layers – top it off with a wool hat and thermal gloves. The Ivar jacket performs brilliantly in the wind and rain (that for which it was designed) – I got caught out in some heavy showers whilst lure fishing out on the headland and when it stopped rianing I was still dry (and happy). There was no sign of any water seeping through at all – Brilliant!



  • Adjustable Cuffs – Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the amount of loose cuff fabric in order to contain the heat inside the garment. Adjustable cuffs are easily adapted to the size of your preference. There is enough room on their widest setting to pull over a large glove, then I like to tighten the cuff down tight to prevent heat loss.
  • Adjustable Hem – The adjustable hem helps you adjust the garment and keep the heat inside.
  • Adjustable Waist – Sometimes it is necessary to get rid of a loose fit or want to keep the heat inside the jacket. An adjustable waist lets you easily adjust the size after your demand.
  • Chin Guard – To avoid skin irritation from the sometimes rough zipper a chin guard protects you.
  • Inner Stash Pocket – The inner stash pocket doesn’t fasten up but has a very large capacity, I like to stash my hat in here, but will easily hold more.
  • Sealed zips and storm flaps – The sealed zips keep the wind and rain out, with extra protection from the storm flaps that fasten with brass poppers.
  • Media / Device Pocket – The garment has a storage pocket with cord opening for use with your radio, phone, mp3 etc. There is a little opening to route my headphone wires through.
  • Roll Away Hood – By attaching the inside flap to the loop on the back of the hood, it will transform into a “collar”.




Although quite simple in style, Didriksons high quality weatherproof fabrics and best in class manufacturing standards makes the Ivar jacket standout to me,  a true match for the coastal storms I am heading into for my fishing and walking adventures this winter. RRP – £245.00